Life Design After Divorce

Heal from Divorce and Design a Life You Love

Without Spending Thousands of Dollars on Therapy

Support for Healing from Divorce

  • 12 week course

  • 6 LIVE 90-minute workshops

  • Pre-recorded content with integration assignments alternating weeks

  • Intentional Courtship audio recordings (eight chapters)

  • FREE 30-minute private coaching session with Jeff or Cathy

  • FREE 90-minute group coaching session with LILY Ladies (women) or Knights of the LILY (men)

    With this course, you'll gain the tools to:

    • Banish fear from running your life

    • Thrive beyond divorce challenges

    • Honor the Divine masculine & feminine

    • Establish peace and remember your wholeness

    • Get comfortable being real & vulnerable

    • Create abundance and enjoy a well-lived life

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